“Excuse me, there’s too many cheeseburgers at this here In-N-Out”

This is a… rather odd complaint to make about the Party of Trump’s Official Trump National Convention and Trumpian Four-Night Trump Celebration of President Trump and the life and times of one Donald J. Trump and the Trumpservative movement of the United States of Trump. One may as well complain that the problem with the NBA Playoffs is that there’s too much basketball.

Because the whole point of the convention — in fact, the whole point of the Republican party, intellectual conservatism, conservative media, conservative think tanks and lobbying groups, everything — is submission before the host of Celebrity Apprentice and hatred of his enemies.

I do sympathize that a writer at NRO cannot come out and say “geez, this guy sucks” without getting fired, and that he’s trying to be circumspect; but at the same time, one does not stroll into a Southern Baptist church and complain there’s too much Jesus going on. If “too much Trump” is ever a problem for a conservative, he may as well join the Lincoln Project and get it over with.

Physician in New York