My bro passed away tonight. It was not sudden or unexpected. But it was not any less devastating.

When we were teenagers, he was obsessed with ’60s music. I’m not entirely sure why, but he seemed to identify with Paul, with Mick, and above all, with Jim Morrison. He would play mix tapes or CDs for me when I knew nothing about these guys. I would absolutely not have learned much about the old classics if it weren’t for him. And of course, his band of high school friends called themselves the Fab Four.

He never really did appreciate any of the music of the more modern era. The circa ~1968 era was so fertile for music, I can’t entirely blame him. Below, a brief playlist my brother would have appreciated. I’m sorry bro that I could not have helped you.

I realize the idea of sexual modesty might sound a bit quaint these days. Some in the culture believe sex should be as casual as shaking hands. And some self-proclaimed conservatives behave as if they do, even if hypocritically giving lip service to the ideal of waiting until marriage. But…

Why do they protect dangerous doctors?

While responding to a Twitter thread about convicted pedophile Dr. Larry Nassar, someone asked about the central mystery of how so many people made sure he got away with it for so long.

I have some personal experience that may shed some light on…

Forbidden Comma

Physician in New York

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